Conio IT Solutions

Support Services

In the modern business environment keeping up to date is essential, our experts can provide a range of support services that can save you time and money.


With our range of hosting, server support and ad-hoc development services you can have our skilled team on standby to provide the same high-quality services as while running a project with us.

Working with clients around the globe we have in-depth knowledge of many diverse technology infrastructures, the components that make them, the networks they run on and the applications they function within.

We strive to build long term relationships and will always be here to help. From on-going updates and continued development, to support on the day-to-day maintenance tasks and issues that we all face in the digital arena.Our ad-hoc development ‘buckets’ mean that you can still retain our knowledge and expertise after your initial project has been completed. We are committed from the outset to provide you with the support that you need, for as long as you need it, and without the need to be tied in to a long-term contract.

Development Support

Our dedicated development teams can provide on-going support and reassurance.

Server Support

Tailored specifically to your needs. Our server support can expand your services and maximize your returns on IT investment. We integrate with your IT teams and work seamlessly to provide 24x7x365 support to your applications, tools and infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive range of managed services, technical IT support and cloud computing services, around the clock. Our flexible packaging allows you to select multiple services or just one, depending on your particular requirements. Our IT support services will help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient way.